It’s all about her

So I have my wedding coming up and my sister is planning my bridal shower. The other day this is what she said to me:
C – Sister texted – “Wow, I feel bad. You didn’t like any of my ideas for the bridal shower. Are you sure you don’t want Janelle as your maid of honor? I’m not meaning that in a snotty way either so don’t take it that way.”
T – She’s making this all about her.
F – Annoyed, Frustrated
A – Complain about what she said to other people
R – I’m making it all about me???

I have some other thoughts as well such as – Wow, I can’t believe she said that to me. It’s true I didn’t like her ideas and I don’t have to. I’m frustrated because I shouldn’t have to validate her and make her feel like she was the “right choice.” I also want to address this with her, but I want to do my thought work on it first before I talk with her.

Should I be asking myself why to understand more? Thank you!