It’s taken me forever but I think I"m out of the river of misery

Think I finally got the thing about not going to food for anything other than two meals a day and the ‘boring food exciting life’ concept and I’m out of the river of misery. Finally. I just think I wasn’t willing to really go ‘this is it’. Me and food are done. I was watching a program about an addict and I thought that’s me. Over and over again dieting and then stopping. This is enough. The thing is I had all of the skills in place from trying and failing over the past year or so. I had lost 30lbs and had periods of pretty good success with managing my mind. But it’s like keeping a number from a guy that treated you badly even though you aren’t actually calling him the door’s still a little bit open. Now the door is shut and it’s given me soooo much. more. time. And it’s easier by far. This is so much easier.
I found the same when I constrained my wardrobe a few years back. I just have a set number of things to wear and all of the silo of junk clothes are gone. It’s the same now with food.
Oh and as I am on a roll. I never lose my temper anymore. Never ever. I get mad and it lasts for 5 mins but I am aware the whole time and it’s never out of control. I could go on but this work really really works. One more thing that I am super grateful for is that I can give powerful and life changing advice to my teens. That’s everything.
So thankful for your work, Brooke.