I’ve Arrived At The Finish Line

I am That Screenwriter.

I am a scholar for 21 months and today I registered my one-hour TV drama pilot script at the Library of Congress.

For the entire time I have been a scholar, I tackled weight loss, buffering online, overspending, but I was stuck, utterly unable to get myself past doubt and honor my commitment to write.
And then I decided to believe that procrastinating actually pains me much more than the discomfort of writing. And so I practiced this thought every single day. I lived in this world where it’s true that procrastinating is more painful.
And now I have this document in my hands, and I am its author, and own its rights.

And interestingly enough, my finish line was incredibly quiet.
No one waited to cheer me up, applaud, or say, ‘Way to go!’ No one even knows.
A single screenwriter, behind a computer screen, quietly registering her first work.

But I knew. I looked out the window and thought: Damn you, Brooke. You were right. We are shining like the god damn stars we were born to be.

And as quiet, subtle and unknown this precious moment is, it is the loudest gift I could have ever given myself, where I met who I was when I started and who I came to be.

With immense gratitude.

That Screenwriter