Jody’s call last night. Thanks Jody!

Thanks Jody for the call last night. I just got to watch the replay. I love the structure you gave to the process of having such conversations.
I absolutely appreciate that having such a conversation from a place of being really aligned with the person I want to be in the world puts me in the best possible starting point for such a conversation.
My question is on the cushion and the subsequent preludes to the conversation that were touched on, like “I’m just having this conversation with you because I love you so much”. That’s not my reason for having such conversations. I get to a place of feeling love on purpose in order to have the conversation but it’s not my reason. The reason is staying in alignment with my best self as I want to show up in the world. Saying so feels the opposite of real and authentic to me. The cushion to me feels a bit “people pleasing” when I set it side by side with my reason for having the conversation. If the reason for having the conversation is to execute my role as a manager which requires feedback, then that’s the reason, to describe it to the other person as a gesture of love towards them is something I can’t really get with in a work context.
Is this a cultural difference, maybe, USA versus rest of the world?