Judging Others

Hi Brooke, I’ve just listened to Rachel’s great call on self confidence and the mirroring effect and had 2 questions:
– I notice I am judgemental of other people who do things I’d “secretly” like to do but don’t – particularly extravagant spending (such as other women who spend lots of money on clothes, fun, cars, vacations) and parents who put themselves first, e.g. by going on dates or vacations without the kids. In this case the mirroring reflects desires I have but don’t act on – could you help me to see how I can use this insight to evolve?
– also, I think I’m judgemental a LOT (and of course judge myself equally harshly). I also see how it impacts my relationships because I judge people close to me and consequently feel disappointed in them. Do I just look at every judgement in turn and figure out how it mirrors a perceived flaw in me?
Thank you for this important work.