June work with self confidence, dare of the day and the model

I declared by dare for the day……it is to feel hunger…..this is in alignment with my urge jar work, my overall weight goals and a real fear of mine…..so I want to be sure or have input on the model work for today…
what is your dare?…to feel hunger
what is your thought? I fear hunger, hunger makes me anxious, building my hunger skill will be key to my success in reaching health and weight goals…..managing/allowing hunger will be a skill that applies to other areas of my life too…
complete a model on your fear
c – Hunger happens (not sure this is the right C)
t – I will die and am anxious when hunger, hunger needs I need to eat NOW
f – anxious, discomfort
a – eat NOW
r – feel better in the short term, gain or maintain weight for the long term

now create a model with self confidence….
c – I have a protocol for eating
t – Hunger is a tool to success
f – self confidence, kick ass
a – wait for real hunger before I eat and then eat to protocol
r – I allow/experience hunger in the short term and develop a life skill that serves me

Am I on the right track? not sure I am getting the model right..
thanks for your input and insights