June $$ Worth – AMD

Hi Brooke,

Thank you for coaching me on writing and weight loss. One of the things I value most about you as a coach is your ability to be forthright and honest in your responses while staying compassionate at the same time. This is such a rarity in the world. Thank you.

I’m recommitting to weight loss and working on boxing my writing into specific times so I can get a life that is more in line with what I want while still reaching my goals.

Meanwhile, I got my June $$ worth today. In this case, it actually has taken 16 months. I was a bit behind this month and spent today listing all the things where I feel self-confidence. I can’t point to the moment it happened, but over the last 16 months, I crossed a meridian.
Before I joined SCS, I had a persistent fear that I could lose my job at any time. Somehow during my adult life, the healthy knowledge that nobody’s irreplaceable at work, which helps me understand that I need to be constantly evolving and not “retiring in place”, changed. I began to believe that I would be replaced at any moment. This belief led to mountains of useless worry and anxiety. My response was to clean up all my finances to try to make it so no matter what happened, we would be able to support our family. This was a good set of actions, but I was surprised to find myself debt free, with savings, and emergency funds and retirement funds and still, no matter how much I accumulated, the fear and worry followed me. What happened to the woman I’d been at twenty-five, who felt free as a bird when she had a few bucks in the bank?

Today, I was listing things I feel self-confident about and my brain suggested “keeping my job”. What the what? Was that true? I pulled it out and looked at it.

C: Job – T: If I want to keep my job, I can. – F: Self Confident – A: Focus on priorities, align with my boss, dig into new skills – R: Deliver the key results, enjoy leading the team ( and therefore, keep my job)

If I do all that, and it’s not enough to keep my job, they’ll tell me. I’ll get a poor review and then I’ll fix the problem. If I do all of that and I get good reviews and I still lose my job, then, hey, not my bad. I can worry from now until kingdom come and it won’t help in that case.

I really believe that.


Holy F***. 16 months. I leave work on time. I take care of my body while I’m there. I love my work. I don’t work on the weekends unless I want to. From that came time to write 2 books and start a business. AND I no longer think I’m going to screw up and lose my job.
For that? Would I pay $300? Are you kidding? 16 months. Worth every penny.

Added Bonus? I’m going to drop another 26 pounds this year. For. Sure. Why? Because I don’t want to worry about my weight ever a-f**ing- gain. Boom. I got better things to do with my brain.