June $$ worth – OOPS – AMD


I submitted my June $$ worth and, in a fit of confidence, added in a line at the end about tackling my last 26 lbs – because I didn’t want to worry about my weight anymore.

I closed up my PC and went to take a shower – and I realized what I’d written.

Just like clearing up my finances didn’t change the way I worried about losing my job, losing 26 lbs isn’t going to stop me from worrying about my weight. That’s available to me right now.

C: 26 lbs –T: I’m sick of worrying about losing this weight.– F: Tired —A: Try to lose weight but believe I can’t– R: Worry

C: 26 lbs — T: I am learning to be a person who finishes what she starts, has her own back — F: Determined –A: Plan my protocol, track my food, evaluate my progress, have weekly coaching sessions on it. R: I’m a person who has her own back.

– Amy