Just Me & My Thoughts

I went for a walk yesterday and my iPod battery died 4 minutes into the walk. Wow! I was totally lost.
‘Should I give up the walk?’
‘How on earth could I endure this walk with nothing to listen to?’
And so I decided to do the walk anyway so I will get the benefit of the walk regardless. And I’ve discovered for the first time how unbearable it was for me to listen to my own brain for 35 minutes. It had nothing good to say. If I could I would take it off and throw it away.

I’ve been walking for a year with podcasts and never realized that I did not like the company of my own thoughts.
And of course, realizing that, I understood I got a gift of realization and I can do something about it.

My thoughts were judgmental about all the issues I wish to deal with in my life:
The walk (look, everyone else is running), about my weight (Jeez, you are so heavy), worry (about how I ate off protocol again and when the hell will I figure this out already), and about writing (how long will you keep procrastinating).

I wonder how can I view this walk with my own thoughts as a good time spent?