Just (Nadège)

Hi Brooke,
Still trying to love myself and today I realised that when I think I can love myself, all sorts of reasons not to do so come up, like “it’s vain”, “it’s useless”. I’ve found out that the adverb “just” helps me tremendously: “It’s just love.” I think it helps me put things into perspective and take baby steps in the right direction.
Unintentional model:
C – self-love
T – It’s vain to feel self-love.
F – spite
A – I resist from loving myself
R – I don’t feel self-love.
Intentional model:
C – self-love
T – It’s just love.
F – full of compassion
A – I allow myself to feel love for myself
R – I love myself more and more.
What do you think?
Thank you!