Just Wondering….

Brooke- I am wondering if you are familiar with the work of Gretchen Rubin and The Four Tendencies? This is research and a book she wrote in regards to how we each deal with expectations, inner and outer. It has given me a lot of insight about myself and understanding as to how to best approach expectations that I place on myself in regards to your amazing work in Self Coaching Scholors. Basically, the four tendencies are Upholder- meet inner and outer expectations, Obligers- meet outer expectations, but struggle with inner, Questioners- can meet both when their questions are successfully answered, and Rebels- who must “want” to meet the expectation, have choice in it, and are better at moving towards a goal than be limited by one. I have used her work and understanding of my tendency to be even more successful in yours. I think it would be great to share with your people!! Happy Day Brooke! You rock!!