I’m working on my over eating models. When I feel an urge I will occasionally think thoughts that are excuses of why I should give into my urge and then my feeling is justified and my action is over eating result is no weight loss.

The feeling I want to generate when I have an urge is self love. And I do that by thinking thoughts like, I feel amazing when I eat two salads a day and fast. I want to stay in integrity with myself and eating off protocol isn’t an option. My question is this. Is justified a feeling that is ever necessary? I’m thinking now that anytime I feel justified it’s because I’m coming up with reasons why something I do is okay. Is this a feeling that can produce both wanted and unwanted results? Trying to get a better understanding of this emotion or if it’s a compounded emotion or useful emotion etc. As I’m pondering it now it seems mostly useless for results, more of a feeling that keeps me spinning or stuck. What are you’re thoughts on this? Thank you!