Ladder Thoughts & Villain Compassion

Hi Brooke! I was reflecting on your recent podcast on “villain compassion” and had an a-ha moment. You’ve taught us how to go up the ladder from really negative thoughts to neutral then to positive which is amazing for improving our lives. However, in the podcast you’ve also taught me to go down the ladder to put myself in “villain’s” shoes so to speak. If we can remember how those are human beings with their own ladders then we can imagine that they might have the capacity to move up the ladder in their minds and they’re not just a bad seed who deserves to be dehumanized. Even if they have a mental illness where they couldn’t possibly move up the ladder on their own, or ever in this lifetime, they’re still a human. So so beautiful. This concept has made sense to me ever since I was a child, feeling sad for criminals I heard of, thinking “maybe they’re just trying to feed their family” so thank you for so eloquently verbalizing something I’ve struggled to myself my whole life. Here’s to adding more compassion to the world! 🙂