Leaving husband with baby

I am just downloading the app now – so excited!

So I am leaving our 3 month old baby alone with my husband on Friday night while I go out. He has had some issues with drinking and I have a fear that he’s going to drink a lot while I’m gone and something bad will happen to our baby girl.
I want to be able to trust him but am afraid I’m going to regret it. I know my thoughts can’t control his actions, but I also know I can take the action to not leave her with him.

C Going out Friday night
T Our baby is going to get hurt
F Stress, anxiety
A Worry about going out
R Not enjoy my night worrying

C Going out Friday night
T My husband can bond with our daughter
F Happiness
A Go out knowing they are bonding
R Enjoy my night

I kind of believe the second model but the first is louder! I really do want to enjoy myself so am hoping to find a thought I like by Friday. What do you think?