Life is fun

Just had a thought “what if I’m making it all too hard and overthinking it all?’ What if it’s all just for the fun of it? If we are already enough and our purpose is whatever we what it to be, I can choose it to be fun. I always tried to control everything to prevent me from feeling negative emotions, but that never worked because life is 50/50. I now realize I compounded the negative when I resisted it. 19 months and I think I got it. Goals are for fun and because we can and so we can blow our own minds, because we can!! What the what!!
C Life
T. Life is hard, and I must make it easier
F. insufficiency
A. Control people, overthink, Resist
R. Prove and find tons of evidence that life is hard.
C. Life
T. Life is fun
F. sufficiency
A. Accept life is 50/50, Enjoy the journey, set and achieve goals because I can, Live the full human experience.
R. Be an example of what is possible by blowing my mind.
Ok. What do you think?
Thank you for everything, Much love.