Life’s short

Dear Brooke,
I have a thought that “life’s short – I need to make the best of it”. It sounds like a useful motivating thought but I think it generates feelings of scarcity- > panic and (ironically) indecision about how best to use my time -> being distracted and less present (so time feels faster). I’m trying to move to an intentional model but it is one of those thoughts that feels very “true”. Some alternatives I’ve tried on are:
“I’m open to the thought that I have all the time I need”
“We all get exactly the right amount of time”
… but my brain is holding onto “life is short”. Sometimes I can’t even enjoy time with my family because it feels it’ll all be gone too soon. I think the issue might be that I do want to keep the belief that life is precious and I should approach it intentionally. Can I do this without creating feelings of scarcity? Thank you so much.