Light bulb finally went on

It has taken me a year to finally figure out that I can listen to all the podcasts and calls but if I don’t do the daily work I won’t see the results. I started listening to the podcast with the scholars success stories thinking here I am listening to this instead of doing my daily thought download and models for the day. This is a habit. I love listening to you coach others and I need to self coach myself. I have never even been coach by you on a call. I feel like I don’t have anything to be coached on but believe me I do even if its this. I think I know what you are going to say so why be coached to just hear what I should already know. I have a great life but I have things I dream about. I want to lose 30lbs, write a book and always be the best version of myself. I have these big dreams but they seem to be the same each year so I keep repeating my same old dreams. Funny my thought is I know what she is going to say so should I even hit submit. My brain is saying NO but I am going to do it anyways and maybe I will learn something. 🙂