Live Coaching – you called me out!

Hi Brooke
I am one of the diamond scholars that has never been coached live. While watching the coaching call just now, it was like you looked directly at me! I did a thought download, these are what I wrote.
I don’t have anything important to say. Brooke has given me everything I need to do the work, so really I shouldn’t need to ask any questions. Waste yours and other peoples time with my silly questions. I’m living in the shadows, safe. Embrassed. Shame. People Pleaser.

I listened to Corinne’s Diamond training yesterday on beliefs. A belief literally bubbled to the surface – I still don’t think I can loose the weight and keep it off, what a revelation! I have another 10kgs to go, having lost 10kg already. I am afraid that I will loose the weight temporarily, gain it back and then I’m worried about what other people will say “see, I told you that this was a dumb, dangerous diet to go on.” “Once again, you have failed at this – just try and eat normal.” “You are always going to struggle with your weight, its just how you are made.” It leads me back to shame and people pleasing – who knew! I want to cry and laugh at the same time.

C: Coaching Calls
T: I don’t have anything good to ask
F: Dumb
A: Don’t ask to be coached – ever
R: Staying in a holding pattern

C: Weight
T: I don’t think I can loose all the weight, and keep it off
F: Fearful or doubt?
A: Eat more than I need to
R: Stay at my current weight – and I have been this weight now for 6 months

C: Weight to loose
T: Why can’t I eat that?
F: Indignant
A: Eat more than I need, and eat off protocol
R: Weight doesn’t reduce

I think I have some stuff to work on! Why do I think so little of myself, I didn’t realise it?