Long Term Result

Hi, I am struggling with stay committed to the result that is being achieved within 6 months. I need to study 10h/d to pass the exam. My thought was it is boring, I can do this but I am not patient enough. I got coached multiple times for how I can stay on my schedule, they said start how to make it easy or fun. I tried to change my location during the day, put some light music, switching multiple chapters. After a couple of days again I have the same issue. Another coach suggested practice you already passed it. Ask from your future self how you need to study. I did it I think I need to do exactly the same schedule I made. Today I was watching the recorded video, about you don’t need to be motivated or fun with your plan you need to stay committed! My question is how I can stay committed? staying committed through the whole 6 months. How I can enjoy the process not only the result. ? These are my answers to the questions: plan A: study 10h/d n pass the exam. Plan B: not study / no exam/ be in the same job position. The feeling I am avoiding by following Plan B: boredom, patient. The compelling reason for Plan A:my dream to again be a physician at US. But when the boredom comes to me after 3h studying I stop studying n watch movie or getting busy with media🤷‍♀️. Stuck in vicious circle.