Longing – is it a useful emotion?

Hi Brooke, could I ask for some model help?
I have a young son, 5 years old who is required to be in school (unless homeschooled). He doesn’t seem to enjoy school much and I have a lot of thoughts about that which I’ve tried to clean up. Setting those aside my model is:
C: 5 year old goes to school to 4pm
T: I want to spend more time with him
F: longing
A: second guess my decision to send him to school
R: confusion leads to being less present with him, even when he’s home

Longing could also lead me to decide to homeschool him. I could like my reasons either way.

What I really want is for him to attend school but for shorter, less intensive days. The school is not receptive to this.

I know in a couple of years this will not be an issue, but right now it feels like I’m fighting against myself every day I send him to school.

Thank you!!