Loud stomach noises during fasting

My stomach has always been very noisy, and I have always noticed it. Now that I am intermittent fasting, it gets louder as I get closer to the 18 hour mark. I plan for longer fasts, and don’t have an issue on the weekends, but the weekdays are harder as I work in a very quiet office with open floor plan. I know my emotion is embarrassed and I end up eating a snack; handful of nuts, to quite my stomach. I have 20 more pounds to lose and would like to go for 20 hour fasts, as my weight loss has stalled. I think I have 2 options; 1. Reduce my fasting window and make sure I plan the snack and eliminate 100% of the grabassing; mostly sugar and flour. 2. Go for the 20 hour fast and coach myself through what I’m making my noisy stomach mean and why I am choosing to be embarrassed.
C. Stomach sounds
T. I’m so embarrassed because no one else’s stomach makes loud noises like mine
F Embarrassed
A. Eat handful of nuts, beat myself up for caring and being different, give excuse to eat off protocol, compare my stomach to other stomachs.
R. find evidence to be embarrassed and be alert and distracted when stomach makes noises.
ITM 1.
C. Stomach sounds
T. My stomach has always made noises, and nothing has gone wrong here.
F. Acceptance
A. Plan a 14 or 16 hour fasting window and plan to eat handful of nuts, eat and follow protocol 100%, allow and sit with emotions that lead to buffering/grabassing, schedule appointment to make sure nothing is wrong with stomach and that it is functioning well
R. Accept my stomach and stay on the protocol I created
ITM 2.
C. Stomach sounds
T. This is happening for me, my brain and stomach have just been effective at getting my attention
F. Understanding
A. plan a 20 hour fast, sit and allow stomach to do what stomach does, schedule appointment to make sure nothing is wrong with stomach and that it is functioning well, continue to coach myself on not beating myself up when my human body does what human bodies do.
R. Understand my brain and body connection more and find evidence how this is happening of me