Maintenance new thought

I lost all the 70 pounds that I wanted to lose last year, and I worked almost every meal on accepting my feeling of frustration because of my thought: I like to feel really full at the end of the meal, but I am going to stop eating now anyway. My sentence to believe last year in March was: “I am going to reach my ideal weight and maintain it effortlessly”. Today I am 6 months into maintenance mode but it doesn’t feel effortless (yet!).
My work this month is not related to my eating but to my impossible goal. But listening to Corinne awesome advanced training I think I want to adopt also a new thought on my eating pattern: “I like to feel light at the end of a meal”. It feels like I really have to change who I am to think that, to change my personality, to let go of “the obese woman in a thin body” that I still sometimes feel I am now.
I won’t let my brain change my work on my impossible goal this month, but I will work on the sentence on eating pattern if I have some energy left this month, or next month.
What is your advice?