Making a choice between loyalty and what I’d really like to do.

I have worked with the same parent company for over 25 years. Up until a year ago, I worked for one division, as their national sales rep. I loved the travel. I hated that on top of 30-40% travel, I also had to commute to the office each day even when traveling the weekend before. I told them this, they wouldn’t budge about allowing any work from home flexibility so when the opportunity came, I took a similar position with a sister company. But far less travel. They allow me to work from home. They’re great to work for. They’ve supported me in every way including matching my previous salary even though this position was considered “technically” less responsibility. I’ve been there about 14 months now. My boss is also a very close friend. I now have an opportunity to interview for a position with a competitor. Without going into all the details, I would like to interview for this position and I think I’m very likely to be offered the position. Career wise, I think it’s a good move and I’d be able to travel again, and make more $ than my current position. Whenever I think about this I remember specifically telling the company I work for now “I don’t see myself going anywhere. The only reason I’d leave would be to work for myself”. I’m also a LCS Coach working on my 3 year retire from corporate plan. So I’m telling myself that I have a bit of a dilemma here. One of my many thought models looks like this:
C. Job opportunity with a competitor.
T. I want the job but I’d be dis-loyal to my current company and my integrity is important to me.
F. Guilt
A. Don’t pursue it.
R. Limit myself and my opportunities.

So I know it’s that thought that has me adding all the drama to this.

The other thought I could have would be: T. I deserve to explore this opportunity and take it if I choose. (But I don’t really believe that.)
Or – T. I’m in a good place right now and perfectly happy staying in this current position. (But I don’t believe that either!)

I’d love some help getting over my own drama here. Thank you!