Mama Love

Dear Brooke,
Recently I sat quietly with my 4 year old son as he asked me all about what would happen when he and his sibling finally completed school and shared his worry that he wouldn’t be ready to leave home. As we talked I was flooded with love and overwhelming gratitude for the fleeting time I get to share with him. The intensity of this feeling fuels my desire to be there for my children for every minute I can, above all else. I’ve gladly chosen to put our children first, I would have more children if I could and consider fostering. This love feels pure and positive. At the same time I worry that I should be working, that I have a responsibility to earn and contribute, that my kids need to see me independent with a life that doesn’t center on them and that I’m almost loving them too hard. I want to be the best parent I can be over the long-term and I’d really value your perspective.