Manual – Husband and Time Away

Hi Brooke,
My husband went away on a trip for 10 days. He’s a high school teacher and chaperoned 60 students on this trip. It was a great experience for him to go to Europe. He typically is a stay-at-home kind of guy and I was happy for the experience for him. I was also excited to have the opportunity to miss him. I would be the one here with the kids when typically I’m the one travelling for my job. It was a good switch.
I found that when he was gone I didn’t miss him. Nearing the end of the week I did miss talking to him. But I didn’t miss or long for him. I figured this time would help spark something in me and only reinforce my love for him. What I did realize in this time is that I have done a lot of work and can ‘do’ everything on my own. I want to miss him not the work that he does around the house. The person that I share my life with is really about the fun we have and the things that we do bring each other up. I am not sure if that is the case for us anymore. I know these are my thoughts. I do want to fall back in love with him (I know another thought….). Help me break down this manual. Thank you!