March Homework- losing 10 lbs

For this month’s work I am wanting my sentence to be: I will lose 10 lbs this month. This is only 2lb a week and something I so far have not been able to accomplish. I am behind in my goal of 40 lbs for 2019-I go up and down a couple lbs but not being consistent in losing.
So I feel that if I can learn to believe it for March and do it- I can use what I learn to get the rest of the 30 lbs off in the coming months.
Thoughts that have interfered with my success so far are: “there’s always time”, “what’s the rush”, It’s a vacation, It’s the weekend, your parents are here, it’s a movie-get popcorn, a little won’t hurt,
My question is: Is this too short term for this months work? my gut says no- that this focus on ONE month and 2 lbs a week for 5 Sundays is just what I need to move forward- So is it okay that my “future” self is only 5 weeks away and 10 lbs lighter on the scale?