March HW question

I need some help creating the sentence to practice for March’s HW. My impossible goal this year is to weigh 160 lbs by December 31st. I have two main reasons to accomplish this goal:

– I want to feel more comfortable in my clothing and wear clothes that aren’t offered in my current size
– I no longer want to emotionally overeat
– I want the food chatter in my head to end/find other sources of pleasure

Here are some sentences I came up with but I’m struggling because I want it to be powerful, compelling, and succinct.

– I no longer have the urge to overeat
– I weigh 160 lbs and no longer have the desire to overeat
– I no longer buffer with food
– I can wear whatever I want and have learned to use food for fuel

I feel like I’m missing something in creating a sentence to practice for the month.

Thanks for the help!