Is my March sentence too dependent on someone else?

Hi Brooke

My March sentence I want to believe is ‘I trust my husband’.

My husband and I have been separated the last few months – it was my decision based on his hiding of drinking and drinking after I would go to bed at night. Knowing I couldn’t change someone, I asked for the separation for my own happiness, and he asked what he could do to get me back. I said he would need to seek help in some form to address this issue, before I would consider come back.

He has been doing counselling and hypnotherapy for the last 2 months and seems to be a changed man from what he tells me – moderating his drinking, taking nights off and being honest with me about his drinking experiences (or so he says). We are moving back in together this weekend and I want the relationship to work and, most importantly, to not be in a heap of angst myself, second guessing him every night.

Below are some of my thought downloads and notes from my future self from the last week. They feel great and I am enjoying the work but I am just concerned my sentence depends too much on his behaviour? I can believe I trust my husband no matter what, but if I find out he’s lying, I’m not sure I can believe the sentence anymore. I’m a bit confused!

My husband shows me he loves me.
We go to bed together and if I go to bed early I wholeheartedly trust that he is not sneaking drinks.
I am happy for his progress.
I don’t watch him at home when he drinks.
I go to sleep peacefully without stressing he is up drinking.
I make plans for the future with him.
He has given me lots of evidence that he can be trusted.
He manages his drinking easily and it is not a big deal for us.
When we go to weddings or on weekends away, he continues to manage his drinking.