Maria call from March

I gotta make it to these Diamond calls…since they come at different times rather than having them automatically plugged into my schedule, something always seems to conflict and I haven’t prioritized being on the call. I watch the replays and get a lot from them and I know I am seriously missing out by not getting coached by you. I’m showing up in May…it’s now officially in writing. I’m committing. I keep thinking about ending my membership b/c I’m not showing up for the calls and that maybe it’s time to move on. However, I’m committing to showing up in May before I decide to go.

I will watch the Maria call from March at least 1-2 more times. The session was masterful to watch. Seriously feel like I just learned so much. Witnessing you coaching Maria how to instantly change her narrative and zero-ing in on her brain creating the drama was un-fucking-believable. This is the gold. (And Maria if you happen to read this – you’re a total badass for bringing it…the real you and allowing us to be a fly on the wall of your crazy:). Trust me – so many of us can relate so if you have even a second of regret, please know that I am so grateful that you were authentic and uncensored. xo, Randi