Massage Therapy/Coaching Target Markets

Hello again!
So, I’m a full time office manager, and do some massage therapy on the side as a way to earn more money to save for coach training next year. To prepare for being a coach, I’m continuing to coach myself, writing a blog to gain followers/students, and coach practice clients for free.
Meanwhile, I just had a sort of epiphany watching your Entrepreneur course about target markets. Although I totally get the concept as I think about a future coaching practice, it never occurred to me to do that with massage. I just put out on my FB page that I have hours of massage to sell…to anyone. I’ve only have a handful of clients this month. So, I’m thinking my target market should be parents of infants with trouble sleeping who would be willing and able to pay for infant massage classes, as well as pregnant women about to have their first baby who would be willing and able to pay for a custom in-home massage.

As I write this I sort of hear you in my mind ask why I would waste my time with all of this massage when I should just use constraint on coaching. I had this idea that my business would be Emily Rose Wellness and it would include both massage therapy and wellness coaching BUT I think I could really help grown children with strained relationships with their parents, since that is the biggest accomplishment I’ve made, learning to actually love my mother again.

What do you think?