Migrating Buffering

Hi Brooke,

I have been a scholar from the very beginning and lost 50 pounds during my first year as a scholar.
With October organization month, I realized that while I stopped overeating, I was unaware that I migrated to another feel-good source, which is shopping.
When I lost all this weight last October and threw away so many clothes that did not fit me, I realized I needed new outfits (I went from size 14 to size 6), but I then before I knew it, I developed this habit of going everyday online, spending a good two hours browsing new items online. My closet is packed with clothes I don’t even wear and my credit cards are maximized. It seems that I switched overeating to overspending.

It makes me rethink the whole ‘Pick only one goal’ suggestion, because it seems that there is a tendency to switch to another buffering.

How do you suggest to become aware of that? At the time I did not have a bad habit of overspending. In fact, I did not like shopping for clothes at all because of how I felt physically. And it made sense to buy new clothes at first but now it got all out of hand.