Model Help

I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed with my life right now and need some model help for my IM.

Here’s the UM:
C: The next 3 days (Thursday, fri, sat) **I’m trying to get specific here instead of just saying “life”**
T: There’s too much on my plate
F: overwhelm
A: stew in the long to do list, question myself and decisions I need to make, worry
R: live in the place of “too much”

C: The next 3 days (Thursday, fri, sat)
T: I’m someone who can handle a renovation, my business, parenting kids with colds, and my anniversary. I can do this.

So that’s not the right Thought for my IM … it makes me feel Bleh!

I was toying around with the feeling of capable. But got stuck on the thought to drive that feeling.

Thanks for your help,