Model help BD

Backstory- I’ve just regained contact isn’t he last year with my sister in law who lives just minutes away. I’m having a baby in the next month and with my husband have decided to ask them to watch our kids while we’re at the hospital. I want her to think a certain way about me (such a good idea I know)- partially of which includes that I have a nice clean house. Problem is my house isn’t clean and I have very low energy or bending over ability to keep it clean. The thoughts like “I don’t want her to see this mess but I’m so tired” keep resurfacing and I guess I’m just avoiding dealing with it. Hoping maybe that my husband will magically clean the house minutes before I go into labor and my sister in law will see my sparking clean home when she comes to get the kids and be so impressed with me. Then I will feel like I’m amazing and awesome and I’m a good hosiemeeer even while pregnant.

Wondering if I’m doing my models right
C: birth plan includes calling sister in law to come watch my kids
T: I don’t want her to see my house like this but I’m too exhausted to do anything about it
F: Ashamed
A: repress the thought, resist the feeling
R: thought keeps resurfacing, spinning?

C: same
T: so lucky to have family close by to watch my kids- and I know they will be safe
F: grateful
A: take care of my home normally- do my best but not kill myself to make sure it’s clean all the time
R: not spinning?

Thanks for your help!