Model Help – renovation

I’m having trouble filling out the R-lines for both models and would love some help

Today, my contractors are starting my bathroom renovation and I’m working through some feelings of anxiety, worry, nervousness, and tension. Maybe even some powerlessness – of things being out of my control, hoping we stay on schedule and budget, but the “unknown factor” getting in the way.

I realize none of this is useful to think. Here we go:

C: Demo Day Today
T: Things are out of my control and I keep thinking about what could go wrong
F: scared/anxious
A: anticipate things that could happen (but haven’t), spin out
R: ?

C: Demo Day today
T: I’ve hired the experts and they are on it!
F: trust
A: focus on my day, myself, my work, without spinning out
R: ?

I notice this happens frequently on models – any tips to help figure out the R-Line when I get stuck?