Model help tz

I’m working on some major indulgent thoughts of worry. Ill be in the hospital some point soon for the birth of my daughter, and my mom will be taking care of my toddler during that time.

Ive been really indugling in panic and worry about all the things she could do wrong (and has not done to my “standard” in the past) and really want to nip these thoughts in the bud!

C: mom taking care of my son for 3 days while I’m in the hospital
T: It’s going to be a disaster
F: panic
A: worry and create mental list of what could possibly go wrong
R: ?


C: mom taking care of son while I’m in hospital
T: ???
F: confidence

Im struggling on a thought that will give me confidence. She’s taken care of him before, but shes often distracted, goes off his normal plan, leaves the house a mess, etc. I realize its my choice to have her take care of him. And really I do want her to, but Im spiraling!

Thx for the help!