Model Question

I am a teacher and it is the first week back at work after summer break. Every day there has been a table of carbs and sugar for the teachers to snack on while socializing. My plan for the month of September is to not drink or eat sugar and carbs. This is hard work because I have binged and eaten emotionally for many years. But for the month of September I am committed to changing this habit. I know it will be easier once I am fat adapted.
My unintentional model
C: Non protocol food at work or simply … food at work
T: It is just one bite, it is free and it is special.
F: Entitled?
A: Eat, snack btw meals and off protocol foods – mindlessly
R: Stay in same old habit

Intentional model
C: Non protocol foods at work or simply …. food at work
T: I do not eat at social events (my new habitual thought)
F: Confident
A: Socialize without eating
R: Stay on protocol, form new habits.

The models work for me but I realize that my R does not support my T. Should I clean up the models or are they
acceptable since they inspire me to think new habit changing thoughts?