Models with a "should" thought

Hi Brooke,

I have several models that I’m not sure of the result. They all have the word “should” in the thought. For example,
C: Son said “why can’t you come to the school event?”
T: I should be at the school event (But I MUST go to work)
F: Guilt
A: distracted at work, think about my son’s disappoinment
R: not present where I am, wasting the time I’m at work



C: Clean dishes in the dishwasher
T: hubby should be emptying dishwasher
F: resentful
A: snap at him spend cycles thinking about how he should behave
R: wasting time, giving power over to his lack of action

C: Full-time job
T: I should get a new job to be more balanced
F: obsessed
A: Think/re-think, go back and forth, not pursue new job, try to design perfect job
R: Not focused on my current life

**I feel stuck on all the models that have the word should in them. The results don’t seem to be proof of the thoughts. Wondering what a “better” result would be in these cases? Is there a technique I could use to figure out the result for situations like this where it’s thinking about alternative outcomes/should’ing?