Modelthon planning and upcoming birthday party

Diamond and modelthon
Hi Brooke,
I’m so excited that I’m coming to Dallas for the modelthon inApril and will hopefully be lunching with you. I’m coming as part of my trip to South America ( in Australia we get long service leave after 10 years with a firm). I’d appreciate any details of where/when/what so I can plan my trip.
In the meantime I’m trying to generate enthusiasm for my husband’s big party.
C party planned
T god I hate organising parties. Other husbands don’t demand them.
F dread
A avoid planning and buffer with ask Brooke
R stuff not done re party like follow up guest list attendees

C upcoming party
T it’ll be fun and a great memory but he deserves it
F more enthusiasm
A do a to do list and do it
R great part.

What do you think?
Sylvia x