Money Models

Hi. I shifted my money mindset this month. I’d like feedback on my models, please.

UM (how I’d been living for months)
C: money in my account
T: I don’t have enough money
F: stressed
A: ignore my budget, don’t check budget before I buy anything, restrict budget categories, look at budget only after I’ve spent the money and try to fix it after the act, use credit cards to supplement overspending, don’t get another job
R: I overdraft by the end of the month, incurring overdraft fees. I don’t have any money saved. I create more debt. I create the experience of not having enough money.

C: money in my account
T: I do have enough money
F: abundant
A: budget for savings first before other expense categories, check budgeted amounts before buying things, process urges to buy things I don’t truly want or need or that I simply haven’t budgeted for and put them on a list for potential buys in next month’s budget, move money around between budget categories to make sure I stick to a zero-based budget, plan expenses ahead of time, review past spending so I can plan for irregular purchases in advance, plan my income in advance so I know all my expenses will be paid for, cut up my credit cards, use cash for all expenses, get new full time and part-time jobs, increasing my annual income by over 20%, I take on a freelance project
R: I save $500, I don’t overspend, I don’t overdraft, I don’t create more debt, I increase income by over 20%. I create the experience of having enough money. I break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

Thought ladder thoughts before IM
T: It’s possible I already have enough money
T: Some people would be thrilled to have this amount of money
T: Some people would be thrilled to have $17 for groceries for 2 weeks and would find a way to make it work
T: I can make this work
T: I’m figuring this out
T: I am learning how to use YNAB
T: Lots of people use this app successfully
T: I’m getting better at using YNAB
T: Money is just math
T: I can do math (even though my dad said I can’t lol)
T: This is kind of fun actually