Money Problems?

Today I listened to an early episode of TLCS podcast #24 Money Problems. I had some new insights on my money.

The first insight was about feeling abundant about the amount of money I want. The example in the podcast was $100k. That is too far from me, so I thought about $8k.

I asked myself how I would feel if I had $8000 and the feeling was relief. I would have paid for half of training.

I had no idea I felt this way. No wonder the money isn’t coming.

I can easily enough change my feeling to abundance by thinking about the value it will add to my family, but I have to keep coaching myself on it.

I also uncovered the belief that I think money would solve all my problems. In the podcast Brooke talks about solving your money problems without changing the amount of money you have.

And then I had the thought that ‘it’s possible that I could have $10k in the bank and still no clients’. Money isn’t going to make me clients.

This is so backwards for my brain because I want clients AND I want money.

And now I’m wondering if money is one of those problems that isn’t a problem?

I keep thinking I need more money so I can have the business I want but what I really need is BELIEF that I can have my business without changing the amount of money I have.

My brain has a million reasons why money will make it easier. I could hire a sitter. Make business purchases. Get professional photos…

So now I’m creating belief that money can be fun and easy for me and that I don’t need more of it to be who I need to be to sign clients.

That creates a shift in me and now I BELIEVE I don’t NEED clients. The ones that want what I have to offer will come because they want it, not because I’m convincing them.

I feel like I’ve almost got this. I’m so close. But it also feels like there’s still a missing piece because I don’t have the result I want, which is a paid client.

I would love thoughts and help. THANK YOU!