Money Training Question

I watched the Money training and had a realization about my behavior with money.
I know it might be shocking to you but the way I’ve always behaved with credit cards is that in my mind I could keep spending till they were maximized.
For some reason, I did not see it as a debt.
With each card that I had, if the credit limit was say, $20,000, I kept spending until I reached the $20,000.

When the outstanding bill was $18,000, I kept thinking, ‘Oh, how nice, I still have $2,000 more to spend…’

Each month that my husband and I paid the bill, it was a signal for me to now have that amount available for me to spend.

My husband and I found ourselves with a great credit card debt and after an open conversation I realized something is off with how I see credit card debt.

I am trying to wrap my mind around it. I don’t think I live in scarcity mindset. If anything, I live as if I had unlimited money.
How come this abundant mindset brought me to such debt then?