Mood Swing And Thought Swing

Hi, I am thinking why when I feel good ,believing something new n doing affirmations is not difficult but another day when I am not in a mood exactly the same affirmation is not believable. I was talking to one of the coaches she believed that good mood or bad mood has a thought behind this. My experience tells me even I am not thinking about something I feel I am not in a mood today or I am in a mood. Also I found that because my main issue is indulging thought, When I don’t let them to coming out, I am more productive and nothing holding me back. So that’s why I try to keep my mood up as much as I can by doing meditation n exercise. The reason that I am doing it is I don’t know how to not getting involved with those indulging thoughts because when I let them out they are dragging me to the vicious circle 🤷‍♀️. I feel powerless around them. Any idea how to sit with them or am I right by passing them!