More on 100 Jobs

Hello! Thank you for all your help with my goal! I currently have 42 jobs that I’ve applied to or reached out to about work! The past couple of days though, I’ve been on a stand still at applying for 100 jobs and I know it’s all my negative thoughts towards it. Here are all my thoughts – It’s a waste of time. I’m wasting other people’s time. There aren’t enough jobs I would want to do. I’m just doing it to check jobs off of my list. I hate the job process. It’s not fun. There’s nothing out there. I need to get a job and contribute. All of my feelings are dread, frustration, guilt, scarcity, wasteful, stressful. I see that I’m creating it all with my thoughts. Another thought I got down to was – I’m applying to meaningless jobs and they won’t advance my career. I’ve modeled them out and I’ve asked myself why. Some of the thoughts lead back into other negative thoughts. All the negativity seems a bit overwhelming. How do I start dropping it all and just allow it to be fun? I need to look at the rest of my list and apply for things I actually want to do? I don’t want to apply just to apply even though I have no intention of doing the job (which goes back to then it feels like a waste of time…) Any help and/or direction would be great!