Move Away From The Temptation Or Override The Temptation

I just became a Diamond scholar.
I wanted to complete a novel within the first year of being a scholar but that did not happen.

I bought into the most creative excuses that my brain came up with, each time I scheduled to sit and write.

Yesterday it even came up with: ‘ok, fine, you want to write, we’ll do it, but surely you don’t expect me to write sitting on this chair? Let’s first research an ergonomic chair this week, order it, wait for it to arrive, and then we’ll sit to write…’ 🙂

I also noticed that when I try to write on the computer I am much more inclined to lookup things online and browse. Now I know that I am having thoughts that generate desire for me to lookup things online.

I then thought perhaps I should take only a pen and a notebook to write, leave the house, and go outside to write so that I will remove myself from the temptation vs. staying to write from home, sitting in front of the computer and either write on a notebook without looking at the computer or writing on Word without browsing online.

I don’t want to fear the computer and make it this thing I need to push away from me.
Maybe there are people who can totally write on their computer and never even once think of opening a browser, it’s just not a desire for them when they write.

What would be the better long-term thing to teach my brain?