Must I Like My Reason?

I have arranged my life so that I don’t work and my husband is the only financial provider at our home.

It worked out well for us so far until…
My mom is now older and when she wants to fly over and visit us, it’s hard for her to be able to afford a flight ticket, buy herself things, or even have basic things fixed in her home.
It bothers me to see her struggle financially and I wish I would have my own money to solve any financial problem she has.

When she visited us the last time, I asked my husband that we will buy her the ticket and take her out for meals and I saw him suddenly being ungenerous towards spending money on her/for her.
He suggested that she should buy the ticket herself and that she should pay for her meals herself.

When I did my thought work, I thought to myself that not only he is allowed to behave this way, after all, this is his money and of course he won’t be thrilled to spend it on MY mom. He doesn’t have to.

Her visit, though, left me with a strong desire to create my own wealth so that I will never need to ask him or explain why I want to treat my mom for something.

Thing is, when I look at my reason, it doesn’t feel good.
It feels it comes from a place of lacking, a place of I don’t want to need to ask for permission.
Must I like the reason, like you always suggest?