My brioche and I (Nadège)

Hi Brooke!
I think my brioche has taught me a lesson today. I’ve been completely off sugar and flour in May and am SO proud of myself. I feel lighter too, even if the scale is moving slowly. That’s ok. I’ve got plenty of time, I’ve got my whole life.
I’ve made some brioche for my kids and I tried not to be around it too much for fear of wanting some.
C – brioche
T – If I’m around it, I’ll want some and won’t resist.
F – fear & over-desire
A – I resist until I cave in
R – I want it and I don’t resist it – the brioche is more important to me than me.
Of course, that’s not what I want.
But then I got it: instead of being fearful, I want to be curious.
T – I want to know everything about that over-desire.
F – curious
A – I take a hard look at the brioche, sniff it, touch it and don’t eat it, I pay attention to the sensations in my body, my drool, that pounding pressure in my solar plexus, my shallow breathing…
R – I know what makes me over-desire my brioche and how it feels in my body: I know myself better.
What other thoughts could help me feel curious and open? Or antything more useful than fearful and resisting?
I know it’s working and I’m going to succeed sooner or later, no matter what. It’s in the mail!
Thanks a million!
Nadège (in rainy Paris)