My father died (follow-up)

{Trigger warning for my fellow Diamonds: don’t read if you’re uncomfortable discussing death.}

Thanks so much Brooke for your response to my earlier question.
I had thought of changing my thought after the fact, but hadn’t thought to examine the original thoughts that were so painful.

Trying to get back to that moment of seeing him on his bed shortly after he died, I think the most painful thoughts were:
– The expression on his face is one of grief and pain (= he died alone, in grief and pain). –> causing grief and pain.
– This is no longer my dad. / Where the f* is my dad? –> causing shock and disbelief.
– I’ve never seen a dead body before. / I wasn’t prepared for this. –> causing revulsion (this is so painful to write) and helplessness.

Considering this, I am thinking of practicing the following thoughts:
– My dad stays with me, always.
– Who better than me to see him like this?
– There is no preparation for this. The work is now.

What do you think? Do you have additional helpful thoughts to suggest?

Thank you thank you,