My husband does not contribute financially.

I have been married to my second husband for 11 years. We are both in our fifties. We have 4 teens between us from our first marriages. When we married it was known that I made far more than he and that while I had assets, that he did not. I am, however, not independently wealthy. I work very hard for every penny. When we married he changed careers and I contributed most of my savings funding his new business. Unfortunately, it was not successful. Now he is onto his next career. He still has no income to speak of, no assets and lots of debt. I pay everything down to his child support to his ex. I had always believed he would do well and so I have done this. I am however, now facing the reality that after 11 years things may not change with him financially. In other words, I can not count on money from him to help.. I unwilling to continue paying for him. It will take some work to unravel certain fincial commitments that I am connected with him on. I can set boundaries and do this. However, he obviously lives in the home I pay for and I pay for most else in our and our children’s lives, like the home we all live in, food, cars, insurances and on. I also pay for most small luxuries like a vacation, dinner or concert. I see the C line as “he does not financially contribute”. I have lost respect. I have kept my cool and focused on my own growth and development. I know I need to do this before a decision to let this relationship go is made. However, I can not bring myself to any intimacy with him at this moment, can barely look at him, and am avoiding him as I am disgusted (mostly with myself for being so stupid). The good thing is that with all the work with you I am focusing on making a better and happier me. I am eating well, working out, losing weight,
stopped drinking and have more clarity. Unfortunately, some of the clarity is our relationship. I am continuing my own work on me. Do I just continue to do so, set financial boundaries, require him to assist financially or else I will xxxx?