My Impossible Goal (SMR)

I have an impossible goal to start an online coaching and training business this year (and make 10K). Three years ago, I tried to start up a marketing consulting business but I never fully believed in myself or what I was doing. I now can see clearly how I created my own results and why it was never a success. BUT I still have this burning desire to launch my own business rooted in marketing/business coaching. My vision is much clearer than before.
Setting this IG has really brought up old feelings about my first crack of launching my own business – and old thoughts are flooding back – I’m not as good as the other person… why would they select me?…do I have what it takes to make this successful? At times it gives me evidence that I won’t be successful as well as I’m doing this ‘off the side of my desk’. How do I get myself over to fully believe in my new model and let the past be the past. Here are my models.
Unintended Model:
C: Marketing Consulting Business
T: I failed at launching and selling my marketing consulting business 3 years ago because I wasn’t good enough. This is evidence that I can not launch a new business and be successful now.
F: insecure
A: Negative self-talk. Ruminate. Doubt. Confusion. Don’t take action on IG.
R: Believe I’m not good enough and fail again.

C: Marketing Consulting Business
T: Failing at my marketing consulting business three years ago was a great learning opportunity for me. I now know what works and doesn’t work when starting my business.
F: appreciation
A: appreciate the past. write down what I learned. take fails and make the opportunities. plan. start to fail each week toward my IG.
R: Appreciate the journey that I have been on and know that my business not working has to do with lack of action but not my skill level.

Thank you!