My Partner is Blowing My Mind…

Update: So previously, my “Partner was miserable” – and I dropped that story/thought. I put a little sticky note under my computer screen that says “(Partner’s Name) is Amazing and I Love Him Very Much” – and I went from constant judgment on a bunch of different things to just love. No strings, nothing to do. Just “You do you – and I’ll love you for it”.

I reported here that since then, he both launched a phenomenal new business he’s charged-up about AND found your Model and has adopted it as his own. I gave him a few starter podcast episodes to listen to, but now he just finds and listens on his own. We’re constantly discussing thoughts and models. And in very short order… weeks… I feel like I have a completely different, happier, healthier (yes, even his diet changed) partner in my life.

Here’s the kicker – and why I’m posting. Yesterday, I was stuck in confusion. I was feeling a bit “off” about my own business – but trying to feel motivated and committing to going “all in”. My partner and I both work from home – so after lunch, he said “Let’s go into your office and figure this out”. So he did a model on the white board. He showed me that I was making all of my current business decisions from “fear” … fear of not having enough, fear of needing to “pay the bills”, fear of not being able to make my new coaching business work. So I was going backwards to a business I’d just left – out of fear… And then I was trying to feel great about this decision I made out of fear.

Then he did a new model – where he put “Confidence” in the F line – and said, “What decision would you make if you were confident and not fearful”? And I said “I’d launch my new business and go all in and it’d be a massive success”. And he said, “Absolutely! Because you’d be thinking the thought… “I’m a badass and I’ve lived this information my entire life and this is who I am and I’ve got this!” And there was more. A lot more. All the while, I’m wiping tears out of my eyes, because… (A) He’s exactly right. I felt the fear from the first model – AND the confidence and possibility being true in the second one… and it’s like the blinders came off and I immediately realized the decision I wanted to make AND that it absolutely WILL work.. and (B) Because here’s the love of my life, who just weeks ago FOUND the model (after previously talking it down and throwing a month’s package in the trash) – who is now coaching me through an Unintentional and Intentional Model – and changing my life, our lives, in the process.

After it was over, I felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders – and had new clarity and a powerful new confidence. He said, “Damn. We should have recorded that!” I laughed. He said, “I think I’m getting this stuff” – and I replied “Getting it? Baby, you GOT it!” And now, he feels so strongly in The Model – he’s adding it to his new business, which is training people on Affiliate Marketing. His pitch is… You need 2 frameworks to succeed. You need a business framework – but you ALSO need a mental framework. I wouldn’t be surprised if we BOTH show up for Certification in the future. 😀

I just had to share. I had such a “WTF is Happening Right Now” moment yesterday as he was coaching me through my models. It just goes to show you that when someone really GETS the model and the power behind it, it’s magnetic! He’s all in, I’m all in! This journey with you, Brooke, has been LIFE-CHANGING… and it just keeps getting more and more awesome! Thank you so much for everything you do! XO